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Janina Wagner from Berlin
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Kai und Kristin Fotografie from Leipzig
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Authentic Stories from Mayen
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In most cases a wedding happens only once in a lifetime. Yes, call us hopeless-picture-taking romantics! Therefore, you should keep it in all its beauty and uniqueness. That is why you need the right wedding photographer. A photographer who does not only take pictures, but also emotions, looks and perfectly captures the atmosphere of your wedding. Someone who lets pictures speak, tells stories and looks behind the scenes. Someone who is able see through the camera and makes the essential visible. Someone who can preserve your happiness in a single picture. Puh, it sounds like somebody really hard to find. No worries, we are here for this. helps you find the right wedding photographer for your dream wedding.

Hochzeit in Schloss Leopoldskron bei Salzburg
Hochzeit in Schloss Leopoldskron bei Salzburg to the story photographer Alex Ginis from Munich

In our database endless photographers coming from all over Germany are waiting for you. Thanks to our ingenious search function you can find the best wedding photographers in your area and surroundings who meet your budget expectations and wishes. Of course, you can search by name if you should have a specific photographer at the back of your mind. Each photographer disposes of a profile thanks to which you can get a picture (Caution: play of words). If there is more than one photographer you are considering, then save them in your Favourites and you can make up your mind later or after a first chat. If you are looking for a little inspiration for your wedding, then click on the upper photo galleries of our photographers and be persuaded from the happy couples. Rummage through wedding reportages and stir up the excitement for your own wedding. All of this is of course free of charge. So, register quick, and with the right wedding photographer nothing can go bad. An investment that is not only convenient, but that will accompany you for the rest of your lives!